David Keyes (KAUST) : Welcome Remarks

Derek Burke (Panasas) : A Parallel File System Appliance with SSDs and HDDs — Best of Both Worlds

Francois Bodin (CAPS) : Advanced Programming of Many-core Systems Using CAPS OpenACC Compiler

Francois Courteille (NVIDIA) : Deep Dive on Kepler Architecture and the new Features of CUDA 5

Georg Hager (Universität Erlangen Nürnberg) : Performance Engineering on Multi and Manycores

Hatem Ltaief (KAUST) : Optimal Algorithmic Kernels for Extreme Simulation

Herbert Cornelius (Intel) : Intel Technologies for HPC: General Purpose, High-performance and Energy-efficient IA/x86 Based Computing

Jack Dongarra ( UTK, ORNL and University of Manchester) : On the Future of High Performance Computing: How to Think for Peta and Exascale Computing

Joshua Mora (AMD) : Do Theoretical Flop/s Matter for Real Application Performance?

Laurent Thiers (DDN) : Challenges and Opportunities For Multi-Disciplinary Big Data Computing

Leijun Hu (INSPUR) : Experience with the Tianhe-1A System and Innovation Strategy for the Exascale at Inspur

Mayez Al-Mouhamed (KFUPM) : Experimental Analysis of SMP Scalability in the Presence of Coherence Traffic and Snoop Filtering

Naoki Shinjo (Fujitsu) : Findings from Real Petascale Computer Systems and Fujitsu’s Activities toward Exascale Computing

Patrck Wolhschlegel (Allinea) : Allinea Environment: a new Approach to Develop Complex HPC Codes Efficiently at Scale

Patrick Demichel (HP) : Project Moonshot Big Data and Exascale

Raed AlShaik (Saudi Aramco) : Saudi Aramco’s Latest Advancements in HPC and Grid Computing

Rio Yokota (KAUST) : Optimal Algorithmic Kernels for Extreme Simulation

Steven Ashby (PNNL) : Enabling the Future Power Grid through Advanced Computing

Xavier Vigouroux (Bull) : Challenges of the Exascale

Last updated 1/9/2013